What is Thalassemia?

When both husband and wife have Thalassemia Minor, there is a 25% chance that a child born to them will have Thalassemia Major. A person having Thalassemia Major rarely lives beyond 30 years – less than half that most persons live. Prenatal testing and consulting a doctor can help prevent this from happening.

What can you do?

Get yourself tested at any Metropolis Laboratory all over the country at a discounted rate of Rs.499 only.

Donate to The Wishing Factory, and make a difference in a Thalassemia Warrior’s life.



Find a test center

We have tied up with Metropolis Laboratories to provide Thalassemia tests at a discounted rate of Rs. 499. Click the button below to find the center closest to you.

How can you help us?

Donate to TWF

The fight against Thalassemia Major is an expensive one. Every contribution of Rs. 700 can gift a child a blood filter for their next blood transfusion.

Adopt a wish

We fulfill wishes of Thalassemia Major and Leukaemia Fighters and give them experiences which they can always cherish. You can adopt one today!